3 Books for Entrepreneurs That You Should Read

books for entrepreneurs

There’s nothing more inspiring than reading an amazing book that makes you feel excited to turn new habits, thoughts, or ideas into a reality. I’m someone who is always ready to recommend a great book. I believe that reading is not just a way to improve my life but also my business. So, I wanted to share with you three of my favourite books for entrepreneurs that are worth your precious time.

1. The Lean Startup — Eric Ries

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​This book delves into the nitty-gritty of how startups get built. It also discusses how they should grow, and how they should launch their products. With an extremely eye-opening take on the startup industry, this book gets into the science behind all of it. This includes the how and when behind launching a product. It looks deep into the common practices and mistakes that today’s startups make and talks about how to avoid them.

This book is a must read for any businessperson. Whether you want to grow an empire, or just launch products you know your customer base will love.

2. How to Win Friends and Influence People — Dale Carnegie

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​This book is a timeless, important read for anyone who wants to master the art of socialization. Its lessons focus on perfecting your sense of self and therefore, being able to deal with people better. This means people listening to you, feeling valued, and willing to do things for you. This book takes the power of persuasion to a whole other level. It also includes practical antidotes and tips that give you many “aha!” moments all at once.

It’s a heavy read, much like any book that focuses on personal change. So, it’s best to read one chapter and dwell on it for a few days. Give yourself some time to get through this book. I promise you that when you do, you’ll notice a massive change in how you deal with those around you. This is one of the great books for entrepreneurs who have to focus so heavily on negotiating and dealing with difficult people. Also, it can help you be the best person you can be for your employees and customers.

3. Blink — Malcom Gladwell

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​Another classic, this book dives into how decisions are made, talking about why some choices seem to be made in an instant, and why other people seem to take forever to make even one big choice. It explores how our brain works in different situations and dives into what makes a great decision maker.

Definitely some food for thought, this book is great for an entrepreneur really looking to get to know the psychology behind choices: whether it’s an investor, a customer, a colleague, or their self.

BONUS: #Girlboss — Sophia Amoruso

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​For any woman considering taking the leap to start their own business, or a woman struggling to find their way as an entrepreneur, this book is a must-read. Sophia Amoruso talks about how she went from a teenage with no direction to a founder and executive chairmain of the $250 million fashion retailer, Nasy Gal.

This book stresses that success isn’t a matter of circumstance, it’s something you need to go out and get for yourself. Sophia pushes you to follow your creative passion, and she shares the lessons she’s learned along the way while following her own. It’ll make you want to become a badass #Girlboss tomorrow!


Just because you’ve graduated school and are now in the “real world,” it doesn’t mean you should stop learning! Good ol’ fashion books have a ton to offer every businessperson, whether it’s an inspiring biography, a self-help book on organization, book about the industry, especially books for entrepreneurs.

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