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Case Study

 Brand/Front Focused Solution for Migration Law Group

Goal: New business launch

Services needed: Business name, Logo, messaging, strategy

Deliverables: Website, marketing materials, business cards, logo

Customer input: “Jean and Hollie were very responsive, and very connected with our firm’s work and values. They listened, understood and executed efficiently.” - MICHAEL BATTISTA

Initial Connection

We were approached by founding partners of a new law firm that was referred to us for a new business name and logo, the logical first step in the business launch.  

Forming a new business has its challenges. The partners and staff of the firm  needed a way to communicate their unique services with their ideal clients and form a strong connection with them to best serve their needs.  

Initial Solution

A brand-focused strategy session was suggested. Our goal was to gain insight into the business structure, goals, target markets, branding and value proposition currently at play. After an initial discovery session, we would be able to clarify and define their marketing strategy.

“Gaining insights up front is the SMART way to launch, re-launch or rebrand a business. In these sessions, we gain a full understanding of where the challenges lie, BEFORE making moves by taking a proactive vs. reactive approach to Business Strategy." ~ Hollie


“We figure out where the challenges are and set a strategy so our clients are empowered to focus on areas of highest potential growth and profit, with the best-fit customer." ~ Hollie

“Marketing communications must provide potential clients with the right information that addresses their specific needs at the right time, using the right voice in the right format.” ~ Jean

Strategy Session Experience

  • Prior to the group Strategy Session, we collected unbiased and valuable insights to form a baseline by conducting open-ended, anonymous phone interviews with staff. 

  • After results were compiled, an in-person session with employees and senior stakeholders took place. 

“Jean and Hollie were very responsive, and very connected with our firm’s work and values. They listened, understood and executed efficiently.” - MICHAEL BATTISTA

Strategic Deliverables

We analysed their current Business Canvas - key activities of the law firm were mapped and their unique value proposition became clear through the process.

In order to decide on branding elements of the new business, we collaborated to create a Goal Sheet that outlined core guidelines, options for business naming, colours, stock images and styles.

Next, defining the founding partners’ Target Market was a central activity. Five key personas were identified, and ranked by opportunity factors. 

Tying everything together, we produced a Customer Journey Map. This was a deeply insightful and valuable product of our Strategy Session.


Business Canvas Modelling  We created a visual chart with elements describing the firm’s value proposition, vision, infrastructure, and customers. This provided assistance for the alignment of all activities through illustrating potential trade-offs and business risks.

Goal Sheet


Colour palettes, fonts and stock images were presented and discussed to understand the client's overall brand vision. Decisions were made on these important branding elements to reinforce tone and voice that matches their ideal personas.

Target Market

We explored the founding partners’ clients to discover their basic demographics, personality, values, and specific service goals.

Five unique personas were identified and given tiered priority to align with the business goals and values of the founding partners: 

1. Most Growth          2. Most Profit/Right Fit        3. Emotional Investment

“Every marketing decision should align business goals with the goals of the personas. If we do not know the goals of our personas, it’s impossible to make the right decisions.”  ~ Jean  

Customer touch points were mapped out to better understand how to connect meaningfully with current and future clients and where to focus marketing  efforts.

Customer Journey Map 

Produced to visualize the overall story of interactions and relationships from a persona’s perspective, this map emphasizes the intersections between customer expectations and business requirements. It also provides the “Framework” for a strategic approach.

After reviewing the map, we concluded there was no need to invest in costly advertising, since 100% of new business was actually coming from referrals.

Based on this discovery, it was agreed that the firm’s marketing efforts must be squarely focused on nurturing referrals.

Impact and Tangible Results

A new name: Migration Law Group


Value propositions and goals came together to form the unique voice of the company:


Inclusivity ~ Expertise ~ Empathy

“Marketing communications must provide potential customers with the right information that addresses their specific needs at the right time, using the right voice, in the right format.”  ~ Hollie  

Migration Law Group had become a branded organization with a new name and a clear focus. 

Internal communications were improved with the realization of the importance of marketing to and serving the needs of their referral clients.

A new website that communicated their new brand was launched. 

“[We value] the clean, contemporary look of our new website. Information is displayed in a manner that is easy to digest.” ~ MICHAEL BATTISTA

Along with the website, we created a logo and additional marketing materials, letterhead and business cards to reflect the overall new brand.



Newmarket, ON

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