Our 12 Favourite Apps for Business Owners

Apps for Business Owners

Sometimes the best gift can’t be wrapped – that’s how we feel about finding the perfect apps! As a small business owner, apps can make our lives so much easier, productive, and creative. If you’re running your own marketing channels, a good app can make the world of a difference in your content strategy. As […]

Social Media Crash Again? 5 Things to Do the Next Time

Social Media Crash

When Instagram and Facebook crash, the whole world feels the effects. The outage (or outrage) sometimes lasts for hours and hours, and some users experience things such as a feed that wouldn’t refresh and images that wouldn’t load or not being able to post in groups. Pandemonium ensues, naturally. Businesses and individuals rely on social […]

How to Use Social Media as a Cold Calling Tool

cold calling tool

We all know that social media is used for digital marketing and branding. But many people seem puzzled when we tell them you can use social media as a cold calling sales tool! It’s important for small businesses to see social media as a tool to leverage whatever plan you have in place; whether it’s […]

Engage With Your LinkedIn Connections Effectively With These Tips

Engage With Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn isn’t as huge as Facebook, but it has become the social media for professionals. Log in on LinkedIn, start networking with your friends, and you will see their career milestones on your feed. Many people also use the platform to promote their personal brand and find job opportunities. With about a billion members worldwide, LinkedIn […]

Learn How User-Generated Content Can Boost Your Brand

user-generated content

Every company has to create fresh, relevant content for their blog, social media and digital marketing efforts. Coming up with content can be time consuming and sometimes even quite costly. What if I told you that there’s a secret weapon to building your brand, and increasing customer loyalty that’s often free, easy to get? Because […]

Discover Digital Marketing: An Interview Series with Hollie Hoadley

Digital Marketing

This “Discover Digital Marketing Interview Series featuring Hollie Hoadley” was originally a guest-post on August 19th, 2016 by Kristi Allen. “When I first created my New Year’s resolution to focus more on my personal health and yes, lose weight, I didn’t realize then that not only would I achieve a 30-pound weight loss, I would […]

Cloud Storage: What’s Good, Bad and Ugly for Your Data

cloud storage

While clouds remind you of the sky, storing your data up above may be the silliest idea you’ve ever heard. Don’t worry – I’m going to clear up a few things for you! The cloud refers to a network of remote servers that each play a different role. And using the cloud storage actually spells […]

Social Media Automation Tools: The Dos and Don’ts

Social Media Automation tools

With all of the different social media networks and the time it takes to upkeep each one, it’s only natural that a lot of social media managers and companies are turning to social media automation tools to help them keep up with it all. While automation tools can take a huge weight off of your […]

Daily Facebook Checklist for Your Business

Facebook Checklist for Your Business

Growing a brand on Facebook takes time and effort, but it’s something that can easily be done with some daily commitments. And to stay on track, it’s best to have a Facebook checklist for your business. Much like gardening, if you work away at it every day, your Facebook audience and brand will grow and […]

Customer Reviews Are Your Friend

customer reviews

Customer reviews: We all love to read ‘em and write ‘em, but we’re all terrified to ask for them. The unpredictable declarations from our customers can make or break a company. These little things can carry big weight. According to a consumer study by BrightLocal, 92% of consumers report they read online reviews, with 88% […]