10 Common Website Mistakes That Drive Your Customers Away

Common Website Mistakes

You only get one first impression, as the saying goes, and websites are a place where first impressions mean everything. Within one glance or a few clicks, they can already decide whether or not they want to do business with you. So, check these 10 common website mistakes right away and get that user approval. […]

Enhance Your Website’s User Experience in 3 Simple Steps

Enhance your websites UX in 3 simple steps.

Providing an exceptional user experience on your website is not just a luxury, but a necessity. With the world at people’s fingertips and attention spans shrinking by the seconds, it is important to provide your users with the best experience possible.  Let’s dive into exactly what user experience is, its importance, and provide you with […]

UX Principles: Why They’re More Important Than You Think

UX Principles

Yes, you need to think about UX principles more. The acronym UX is being tossed around here and there when it comes to design, specifically app and web design. Now you may be wondering: Is it relevant to you? When you throw an “X” on any acronym, it can seem daunting, technical, and intense, but […]

Social Media Automation Tools: The Dos and Don’ts

Social Media Automation tools

With all of the different social media networks and the time it takes to upkeep each one, it’s only natural that a lot of social media managers and companies are turning to social media automation tools to help them keep up with it all. While automation tools can take a huge weight off of your […]

Google Images: Are You at Risk of Getting Sued for Using Them?

Google images

Just because you can easily download beautiful Google Images, it doesn’t mean you have the right to use them. In fact, as soon as a picture is taken, the taker has a sole ownership over how its use. And yes, that includes selfies taken on a smart phone. So, you started writing a blog about […]

How to Turn Online Trolls into Fans

turn Online Trolls into fans

Does talking about trolls seem so last decade? It shouldn’t because trolls are still alive and well on the internet. They comment or chat online out of nowhere. While it is unfortunate to eliminate them completely, some of them can be handled. In fact, you can turn online trolls into fans. According to Wiki, an […]

Slow Website? Solve Your Site’s Worst Nightmare in 5 Steps

slow website

Something that’s incredibly important to know, but even more incredibly easy to not think about, is your site speed. How fast does your site load? Have you ever checked if you have fast or slow website speed? Don’t worry – most people don’t know! If it’s loading too slow, and by too slow I mean […]

Boost Your Brand Loyalty Through These 3 Digital Marketing Ways

Boost your Brand Loyalty

Chivalry may not be dead, but we’ve been led to believe that loyalty is. Isn’t our era characterized by intense competition, deregulation, and our willingness to switch cell phone providers every six months? The mind-boggling array of choices are out there: be it shoes, electronics or beverages. If the guaranteed product or service isn’t amazing, […]