Creative Solutions Digital Wellness Policy

Policy Goals

This policy promotes digital wellness through healthy company-wide guidelines which create better physical and mental well-being.

Burnout from work is a very real concept that not all organizations put resources into helping with – We don’t want that for our team and you. At Creative Solutions we are made up of creative professionals who spend the majority of our time online. When you’re working, we expect you to put your best foot forward, but we want to help you to create a healthy work-life balance.

Our aim is to set clear expectations and boundaries to help create healthy working habits and reduce burnout.

Healthy habits for workplace focus and mental well-being.

We believe that a physically and mentally supported team results in a positive and focused customer experience. To achieve our goal of delivering highly relevant and personalized customer experiences we subscribe to the following simple policies and boundaries:



Digital Wellness has transformed from being a mere workplace luxury to an essential requirement for both business success and personal well-being within organizations.

As an organization, we have a dute to care about the people working with us.