Discover the Newest Features of Instagram

Newest Features of Instagram

Instagram, the world’s most popular photo and video sharing app, is proud of its 2.4 billion active users. It is showing no signs of slowing down. It is bound to continue moving forward, satisfying your needs and designers, as it constantly introduces new features. Great examples would be Reels to counter Tiktok for short-form videos and Threads to counter X (formerly Twitter). In this story, let’s discover the most groundbreaking and newest features of Instagram. 

A Safer Platform For Teenagers

The latest features Instagram has introduced is probably helping teenagers protect themselves while using the platform. Businessman, influencer, and head of Instagram Adam Mosseri recently made an announcement saying that the app is implementing this feature. 

Before this, Instagram users can limit everything – comments, DMs, tags, and mentions – only to accounts they have been following for quite a long time. Now, this feature allows users to limit interactions only to those in the Close Friends list. 

Teenagers will benefit the most from this. Teens who manage personal accounts can utilize this new feature to safeguard themselves from cyberbullying, which is rampant today. Meanwhile, teenagers who are business owners may also benefit from this amazing feature, especially that a growing number of teenangers, particularly those in the United States, wants to start their own business at that age. 

With this feature, teenage entrepreneurs can focus on engaging with a more targeted audience, offer exclusive promotions and behind-the-scenes, and build a community.

Instagram Rewarding Original Content More Than Reposted Content

Another recent development on Instagram is the move of the platform to reward those who create and post original content over those who just do reposting, as Mosseri, also the creator of Threads

With this, business owners can be encouraged to remain original when creating their content, perhaps adding their own spin, editing it sufficiently, and, for more impact, collaborating with other brands.

Chatbot Version Of Influencers

Announced just last April, Meta is expanding its AI functionality by allowing the biggest and most popular Instagram influencers to create chatbots that represent them. These chatbots will be answering queries from the enormous crowd of fans. 

One of the major challenges that the biggest influencers face today is not being able to respond to some questions from fans. As a result, these fans get frustrated. With this Creator A.I. feature, influencers can maintain close relationships with their followers even when they are not available to answer their questions personally. 

Meta said the bot will be trained to use these influencers’ Stories, Reels, comments, and DM to get the voice and style when replying to messages.

Meta AI

Amid the influence of ChatGPT, Meta is making sure it is not left behind. The company has introduced the Meta AI feature to the search boxes of not just Instagram, but also Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger. 

On the search box, you can post all types of questions and get answers straight in the application. You can ask this AI things like recipe suggestions, best collaborators, advice, or specific location, to name a few. 

Obviously, this is very helpful for personal Instagram accounts. For Instagram users who keep a business profile, this feature can help you get fresh ideas so you can create original content. 

Notify Sticker In Instagram Stories

Also, IG knows the challenges that business owners and brands on Instagram face. One of these is getting viewers to their content no matter how great they create and curate them. Another new Instagram feature, the Notify Sticker, will seek to put an end to this dilemma. 

Here, a Notify sticker can be added to your Stories, enabling your most loyal followers to sign up and receive direct notifications each time you post new content. This is somewhat like Instagram’s answer to email subscriptions. 

Notes Prompts 

Instagram’s Notes has been benefiting individual and business Instagram users to get closer to their followers. A new feature related to this has been introduced last January, the Notes prompts. With this, you can ask for the opinions of their followers, enabling you to reach out to them on a more personal level. Head over to Instagram now and try these features!

The list does not end there. In the first quarter of 2024, features such as a simpler hashtag experience, Ads with Promo Codes, message editing, pinned chats for DMs, the ability to livestream games, and AI content labeling were introduced. Then, there are also more features coming soon, such as commenting on individual carousel images. 

Instagram Nametag

Instagram made it insanely easy to share your profile. The new feature called “nametag” creates an a QR code, which can be customized. With the in-app scanner anyone can scan your nametag and follow or view your profile with one tap. Gone are the days where you have to stand there awkwardly as people spell out their sometimes quirky or complicated usernames! You can use the QR code on your email signature, website, X and Facebook feed. You can even put them on your business card! The options are endless.

Here’s how to find your IG profile QR code:

  • To find YOUR scannable Instagram nametag:
  • Open the Instagram app on your phone
  • Go to search
  • Click the dotted box in the top right corner
  • Click “Go to your nametag” on the bottom of the screen

To scan someone else’s nametag:

  • Go to the same spot and the default of ‘scan’ pops up
  • Scan their QR code and hit “Follow” or “View Profile” or both
  • If someone posts theirs on…let’s say a Facebook post, you can use your phone to scan your computer screen as well

And here is a video of how to do all of this!

Here’s ours! Scan and follow 😉

With this slew of new features on Instagram, your business can better use the platform to usher it to greater horizons. Your success awaits. 

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