Do you use Twitter lists? They’re amazing for business!

Twitter lists
Twitter lists

​Twitter can be so much more than status updates, retweets, and trying to get as many ‘@mentions’ as possible. There’s one Twitter feature that businesses do not take advantage of, and that’s Twitter Lists. Twitter Lists are a powerful tool that, when used properly, can really work to your advantage. They can grow your following, awareness, and reach on Twitter.

What the hell are Twitter Lists?

​In a nutshell, a Twitter List is a group of Twitter accounts you choose to view as an isolated timeline. You know… sort of stalk. You can create your own list or subscribe to lists made by other Twitter users.

When you view a list timeline, you’ll only see a stream of Tweets from the accounts that you put into that list. It’s a great way to group together Twitter users with common interests. As a result, it weeds out all of the noise if you’re looking to stay in the loop on one specific topic. Also, there’s the option of having private lists versus public lists. This gives you the option to choose what engagement is appropriate for your goal.

For example, you may want to follow a list of other social media influencers, or entrepreneurs, or even financial experts. Maybe you want to make a list just for your competitors. Twitter as a whole can get very crowded, but Twitter lists allow you to see one dedicated group of users. While the concept may seem simple enough, you can do so much more with Twitter lists if you’re strategic with your approach.

​Grow your followers

​One of the best ways to boost your followers is by adding people to a public Twitter List. When you add someone to a list, you boost their ego (as long as you name the list something cool). Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone added you to a list titled “Marketing Experts” or “Awesome Toronto Bloggers”? By carefully making lists and adding relevant users to these lists, you can grow your following by giving people that nod of approval (Sup?). And that makes them more enticed to see you positively as well, creating a possible relationship.

Create awareness

As a company, adding users you think may be interested in your product and service to a tailored Twitter list is one way to get yourself noticed in a really unique way. If you’re a bike company looking to get noticed in the city, add Twitter bike enthusiasts into a Twitter List titled “Bike enthusiasts”. These people will definitely notice your brand. It will also create a positive engagement with your company by thinking you’re a brand that truly cares about your product.

Be in the know

A private list functions as a great way to be active when it comes to social listening. Create a “Competitors” list to quickly and easily see what your competitors are up to each day. With a list, it takes you merely seconds to skim all of your competitors each morning and stay on top of what they’re all doing in social media. A private list is a guaranteed way to never miss an opportunity! Anyone that you add to a private Twitter List will not receive a notification that you added them to a list. Bonus!

Go above and beyond

​Create a private list to follow your clients and your potential clients so you can be in the know of what’s going on with them in order to build deeper relationships. Create a private list of your customers so you can engage with them in meaningful ways. If you have a top-tier client that just got engaged, send them flowers! If your customers talk about a competitor, maybe it’s time to give them some extra attention on social. Lists allow you to group people in specific ways to allow you to tailor your level of engagement and focus your time on the things that really matter.

Get organized

Getting good at making Twitter Lists will give your business endless ways to really take advantage of the platform. There are literally tons of ways to take advantage of Twitter Lists, and it all comes back to your social media strategy. When you know what your objectives are for Twitter, you can create a specific Twitter List strategy to knock it out of the park.

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