Engage With Your LinkedIn Connections Effectively With These Tips

Engage With Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn isn’t as huge as Facebook, but it has become the social media for professionals. Log in on LinkedIn, start networking with your friends, and you will see their career milestones on your feed. Many people also use the platform to promote their personal brand and find job opportunities. With about a billion members worldwide, LinkedIn is the perfect place to make connections. But, especially if you are someone sharing about your business or what you do, things you are passionate about, you won’t get noticed if you don’t know how to engage with your LinkedIn connections. 

Tips on How to Engage With Your LinkedIn Network

So let’s break down the details. In this guide, you’ll find out the most effective tips on how you can engage with your LinkedIn connections, starting with optimizing your LinkedIn profile. 

1. Optimize Your Profile

LinkedIn may be a social networking platform, but it isn’t like Facebook in many ways. For one, your posts weigh more than your profile on Mark Zuckerberg’s site. Not with LinkedIn. Your connections will look at your LinkedIn posts, but they will most likely base their decisions of getting in a deal with you from your profile. 

First, utilize the platform’s profile headline feature to professionally brand yourself in a way that makes you stand out from the rest. Second, you must also take advantage of LinkedIn’s background image on your profile page. Several users neglect this, but this image has the power to reinforce your value and brand. 

2. Participate

The key is to participate. You may have an incredibly optimized LinkedIn profile, but if your LinkedIn Activity is almost silent, networking won’t work. 

When you see a connection post an update – whether as simple as updating their profile or as grand as sharing their new job promotion – comment, congratulate them, and perhaps inquire about their skills. Acknowledge them. 

Moreover, when you see your connection post an update that piques your interest, don’t just ignore and scroll, but make a comment on it.

3. Share Articles

It may be good content, but if you consistently just post your milestones on the job, such as your photo gracing an event, your connections won’t network with you. Another secret to engaging with them is to share articles. These won’t just showcase your interests and expertise, but also your passions. Don’t forget to write the perfect caption!

4. Join Group Discussions

LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to join up 100 groups. As with Facebook, groups are a quick way to find an audience as they are served to you on a silver platter. However, challenges persist, such as the difficulty of remaining engaged with so many groups. 

Here’s the tip. Just choose around three or four groups that match your goals right now. Then, begin discussing. Comment on posts, start your own discussions, or even directly connect with a person you share the same interests with.

5. Bring Your Offline Networking Online

The world is back on track once again with live, face-to-face networking events. Take this opportunity to ask for the LinkedIn profiles of at least two to three people, then follow-up with them online. Do this in every networking event you attend. 

6. Showcase Your Thought Leadership

Aside from sharing articles written by others, optimizing your profile, and participating in group discussions, it is interesting to note that LinkedIn is the perfect place to demonstrate your thought leadership. 

Be the authority in your niche. Why don’t you write and post your own articles? Your connections will find you more credible if you do so. You may also upload PowerPoint decks, publications, case studies, patents, and more. What’s great about LinkedIn is how it allows users to showcase their thought leadership.

7. Be approachable

Think of your LinkedIn messages as little emails, they should be formatted like emails and have the same tone as an email. Think about how you would send an email to someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Be real. Be informative (maybe send a link to your most recent blog). And be professional but approachable.

Remember to add your email signature as well. Did you know that your email and web address will be hyperlinked? Give it a try.


Hi LinkedIn Person,

It’s been a long time. I have decided that 202x is the year of meaningful connections. I feel like I’ve been head down working for too long and really want to stay in touch with people. Have you ever felt like that?

I’m happy to have you as a connection and look forward to seeing where this year takes us.



Creative Solutions – Your Brand Tailored




Nurture Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn is a business- and employment-centric social networking platform for anybody who wants to craft and maintain a professional profile online. With this platform, you can find clients, job opportunities, and networks. However, you must first capture the attention of these people by learning how to engage with your LinkedIn connections. 

Engaging effectively with your LinkedIn connections generally works the same way as engaging with customers. You have to nurture them. By following those tips above, you are on your way to opening the gifts of new opportunities.

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