Our 12 Favourite Apps for Business Owners

Apps for Business Owners

Sometimes the best gift can’t be wrapped – that’s how we feel about finding the perfect apps! As a small business owner, apps can make our lives so much easier, productive, and creative. If you’re running your own marketing channels, a good app can make the world of a difference in your content strategy. As a gift for you, we’re sharing our 12 favourite apps for business owners!

1. Videorama

Edit videos on your phone in a super simple way. You can quickly add music, sounds, and voices to videos for Instagram stories, YouTube, or other channels. Now there’s no excuse to not incorporate more motion in your content! We have the paid version…totally worth it.

2. Dollar Eighty

In three steps for only $1.80, you can grow your Instagram engagement. You simply sign in, find hashtags, people, and locations you want to target to create groups, and then start socializing with them. You’ll be able to make up about 30 comments an hour, making it a breeze to hit your daily engagement targets.

3. INGRAMER: Hashtag Generator

All you have to do is type in a keyword, and this website will give you the top hashtags related to that keyword. Then, you can copy and paste them into Instagram. Voila!

4. Repost App

This is our go-to app for reposting our favorite videos and photos on Instagram. Paid version will allow you to repost without the tag on the image itself. Looks way better on your feed.

5. Record It

An awesome phone screen recorder that allows you to record tutorials, video demos and training videos on your iPhone and iPad. After recording your screen, you can add video reactions with audio commentary to further enhance your recording! THEN…you can actually upload this to Instagram Stories as a greenscreen so the video plays behind you while you describe what’s going on.

6. Unsplash

Beautiful, completely free to use images. Enough said. It’s our go-to stock image site.

7. Planable

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without Planable! This tool allows you to easily manage all your social media channels, schedule posts, and get analytics on all you do. It’s a great collaboration tool with approval processes. No wonder it comes as one of our favourite apps for business owners, it’s just useful!

8. LastPass

You know when you are looking for your login info for social media because you logged out and now you can’t find the piece of paper you wrote it down on? Well, LastPass puts your digital life at your fingertips, simply and securely. It’s auto-pilot for all your passwords that you can access on your phone and computer. No more writing it all down.

9. Placeit

Can branding get any easier? Search and instantly download templates or download mockups, all beautifully designed. A great place to go for inspiration, too.

10. Mock.Video

A great spot to mockup your Instagram stories or social media videos and see how they’ll show up on any device.

11. Lumen5

Quickly create video from your existing content, this app makes it easy to add movement to your feed. Add a blog to it and watch the magic!

12. Remove.bg

There’s no need to be a Photoshop Pro anymore if you want to remove a pesky background from an image because this site does it for you! Simply drag and drop an image and poof – background gone for free.

Bonus gift: Canva

Our list of favourite apps for business owners wouldn’t be complete without Canva! Whether you use the free version to design any graphics you want with a simple drag, drop, click interface, or you upgrade to the Pro, we promise you this site will level up your social media feed.

There you have it – we’ve shared all our best kept secrets and favorite apps for as our gift to you.

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