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We're Hiring!

Contract/Freelance Social Media & Community Manager

If you have a passion for design, communications, and community engagement with creative content ideas and an understanding of business marketing; this role is for you!

At Creative Solutions, our clients come first, and everything we do is guided by our values, ethics and trust. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our clients’ needs. We are in for the long haul and love collaborating with our clients. Each team member we bring on has a freelancer, entrepreneurial mindset and always thinks about creative solutions we can bring to the table. You are a freelancer at heart but crave the team atmosphere and support.   


Creative Solutions is a fast-growing women-led, Canadian-owned and operated virtual agency specializing in User Experience and organic social media marketing. We’re looking for our next freelance superstar to join our team of creative, collaborative, innovative, and quirky Social Media Managers.


  • Want to work remotely and never at the 'office'. 

  • Are a Canadian resident. 

  • Are experienced in content creation, social media community management, and social media trends.

  • Experienced with working in a Social Media Manager role either with a brand, or digital agency. (Please provide a link to work you’ve done for your clients).

  • Have extensive experience using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Bonus for YouTube, Google Business Profile, and Pinterest. 

  • Have In-depth knowledge of social media platforms and their audiences.

  • Have a great eye for design. (Please submit a link to examples of your design work.) Canva works for us!

  • Fluent in English, written and spoken. A second language is a bonus!

  • Have convincing writing skills. (Please submit a link to examples of your work).

  • Understand and know the genuine value of reactive and proactive community engagement/community management. Let us know what that means to you.

  • Want to work, learn, and collaborate with a team of hardworking, kind, authentic people. Dad jokes and pun appreciation will come in handy. A tad bit of swearing as well. 

  • Are fun, easygoing, able to roll with the punches, and flexible to the needs of clients (within reason, of course).

  • Are confident in your skills, and always ready to learn more and share your ideas.

  • Have great ideas for content and get excited when putting together an organic social media plan.

  • Consider yourself confident with digital technology and apps. Are immersed in social media, and also show a willingness to keep up-to-date with industry standards, research, and best practice.

  • Can recognize a company’s brand elements to make sure created content follows the clients’ vision, goals, policies, and guidelines.

  • Have intuitive communication skills and you know how to “read” between the lines. Considers themselves proactive and less reactive. 

  • Familiar with collecting and analyzing social media data for client reporting. Look for trends, opportunities, what’s working and what we can adapt.


  • Work closely with the Director of Social Media, Alma to strategize and implement an organic social plan for our clients across a variety of social media channels and sectors.

  • Understand the client’s social media strategy, tone-of-voice, and brand guidelines, so that you may communicate with clients efficiently and effectively.

  • Be the voice of the client, and their online customer service team.

  • Daily reactive and proactive Community Management for the client in their authentic voice to help engage and grow their online community.

  • Be responsible for the reputation of the brand online.

  • You almost made it to the end and you're still here. That's a good sign. Since you've read through, do me a favour when you apply, in your email casually use the word 'Malarkey' in a sentence. Hope you have fun with it.  

  • Have fun, be creative, share new ideas, challenge yourself to always be better.

  • Be yourself, because that's what Creative Solutions’ is all about!



We offer professional development training and a flexible work schedule. Even better, you’ll work alongside a diverse team of fun-loving professionals who support and cheer each other on. Celebrate the wins and support each other if things get tough. 

We truly believe that the right person for this role is out there looking for the right company. We are looking for someone that embraces the freelance/entrepreneurial life but is really missing the team atmosphere! Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Compensation is between CAD $750/month - $850/month per client. Max 7 - 10 clients (typically). 

Creative Solutions provides equal employment opportunities. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other characteristic protected by provincial, federal or municipal law.




Founder + Business Strategist  

Oversees all aspects of the business and helps with social media strategy, goals and planning. Once Hollie sees the vision of your social media plan, she works with Alma to finalize your plan for her and the team to implement. You're in good hands!



Director of Social Media 

Alma is the big brain behind your social media strategy, goals and plan. She will get your dedicated social media account manager working alongside your team to formulate your social media strategy and plan for implementation.



Social Media Manager

Daynna is obsessed with all things social media. Through working with her dedicated clients, she puts herself in their shoes to figure out every possible way to help market them for more visibility.



Social Media Manager

Michael's approach for each client is to spend time really learning about the consumers needs and offering the solution. Research and results is the name of his game. 



Social Media Manager

With over 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Eddie brings a diverse background in technical and content writing with a strong background in Graphic Design and Multi-Media technologies. 



Social Media Manager

Samantha is a whiz at creating the perfect brand graphics. Her unique approach to Instagram stories has been fantastic for her clients and their online presence.



Social Media Manager

Steph is an internet enthusiast.
With her extensive customer service background she makes sure to put the client first.  
She approaches each client with genuine interest and works to bring those plans to fruition. 



Social Media Manager

Emma is a self-described introvert and homebody whose headphones are always blasting playing Kiana Ledé. She loves cooking, drawing, fashion and is way too passionate about The Vampire Diaries. 

Social Media Done Differently!

It's called Humanizing Your Brand Online

Have you ever heard the saying “Post on social and they will come”? Well, this is not the case. What you need to do is proactively engage with people to be seen and understood. You are at a networking event, you throw a stack of business cards in the air with great keywords on them. Does anyone come running to pick them up and discover you? Nope. Networking works better when you approach people and start a conversation. That’s what we use social media for; To be a human. 

What sets Creative Solutions apart from the others is our organic social media service (also called community management or engagement specialists). This is where we search for your target market on social media platforms, monitor your accounts daily, and send proactive direct messages to your potential customers.


The idea of this is to show that there are actually people behind the business. Community management is your proactive, online customer services and brand amplifier. We get more eyeballs on your accounts, build more organic awareness and humanize the brand!

Platforms that we manage: Facebook business pages, Instagram business pages, Google My Business page, Twitter, LinkedIn personal pages and LinkedIn Business pages.


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