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Hollie Hoadley's Bio

Thinking Differently Since 1976

Hollie isn’t just the Founder of Creative Solutions—she’s its heart and soul. Under her guidance and leadership, the company has grown into a highly sought-after marketing communications agency serving small and mid-sized businesses, and not-for-profits.
A passion for Human to Human (H2H) marketing paired with Hollie's affinity for strategy continues to solve essential business challenges. Over the last decade, her people-first approach has attracted a talented team of creative marketers. Together they articulate brand identity, tell distinct brand stories, launch awareness campaigns, engage stakeholders, increase revenue, optimize social media, strengthen partner relationships, and client expectations.
As an entrepreneur with a diverse range of personal experience from Executive Assistant and Operations Manager, to Strategic Planner and Fortune 500 National Marketing Manager, Hollie translates her wealth of experience into innovative solutions.
A sought-after mentor, workshop facilitator, guest speaker, conference panelist, philanthropist, and Trustee for the Newmarket Awesome Foundation. Hollie believes in the power of giving back and champions businesses and organizations to advance in their industry while promoting education, growth, and collaboration. Hollie is dedicated to exploring what passionate, committed individuals can achieve, and advocates for the importance of positive culture to drive business success.

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