How to Write an Awesome About Us Page

About us page

A lot of people struggle to talk about themselves at length, and many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to self-promote their business as well. Which is why, more often than not, writing an About Us page can feel like a task you’d rather do after you’ve had root canal.

An About Us page is an important part of your website. Its where potential customers are going to go to see what your brand is all about. It’s the base for building a trusting relationship with customers, partners, shareholders, and investors alike. You want to make sure that you take the opportunity to write a killer About Us page, and not skip it just because you don’t know where to start.

1. Begin with how you got started

Talk about how your brand or company came to be. Who were the founders? What problem did you want to solve? How did you come together? Where are you from? People want to hear about the individuals behind the company and want to feel like there are humans in there, not just a company working away.

2. Talk about what makes you different

Next, you want to talk about what sets you apart from other brands and companies. Here is where you can talk about your value propositions, such as using sustainable products, or having a company that gives back to the community in which your head office resides. This is your chance to tell people why they should do business with you over someone else.

3. Touch on your philosophy

While you don’t need to go into great detail about your values, beliefs, and philosophy, you do want to touch on your core purpose here. What does your company stand for and believe in? Why do you do what you do? What’s at the center of everything your company does and what gets everyone up in the morning? Be real and authentic, and lay your company’s heart on the line.

4. Why you?

Finish off by telling a customer what doing business with your company is like. Here is your one liner to tell them to choose you. Is it because you have killer customer service? A life time warranty? A dedication to always delivering the best possible experience? Be bold and be proud of your promise.

Wear your brand’s heart on its (digital) sleeve

The most important part of an About Us page is that you are 110% real, authentic, raw, and personable. Don’t be stuffy and corporate – talk to your reader as if you were sitting there having a coffee with them as they were asking ‘Why should I be your customer?’ Don’t skip out on writing a really good, heartfelt About Us page.

Ask your team for input and check out companies you respect and love for inspiration. Once you write one amazing About Us page, you can use it for many things (such as Press Releases) and you can chop it up for your social media pages, expand on it for blogs, and use it for outreach.


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