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Don't Lose the Social Media Audience You Worked So Hard to GET!

Social Media 101: 80% of your content should attract and keep your audience engaged. ​Be useful! Stop selling to them! When people feel appreciated, they stick around. And Thank You by the way :)


Samples of posts to entertain your audience:

  • Industry News,

  • Inspiration Quotes,

  • Events,

  • Influencer Posts in your Field,

  • Shout Outs,

  • Community News,

  • Videos / Flipagram,

  • Jokes

E is for ENGAGE

Samples of posts to engage your audience:

  • Fill-in-the-blank,

  • Caption this image,

  • What word comes to mind,

  • Finish this statement,

  • Ask people to share,

  • Where’s Waldo,

  • Pick A or B,

  • Contests.

E is for EDUCATE

Samples of posts to educate your audience:

  • Blog posts,

  • Tips,

  • Guide/whitepaper,

  • News,

  • Instructional Video,

  • Top 10 or lists,

  • Something special you know,

  • Something related specifically to your field.

And then for the other 20%, fill your boots. Feel free to sell and promote your business! Ideas of what to post for the 20%:

  • Your Work

  • Selfies

  • Personal

  • Sales

  • Videos of you working

  • Behind the scenes

  • Your faves

  • Testimonials

And once you've figured out WHAT to post, be social. Say Hi! Start a conversation. See how they are doing! Say thanks. You never know what can come out of a new conversation.

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