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Email Signatures: The Powerful, Forgotten Marketing Tool

How often do you shoot off an email without even thinking twice? Email has become such a common way of communicating; we forget the fact that this form of communication is often someone’s very first impression of us. Now, have you taken a look at your e-signature lately?

People often spend 13 of their working hours each week, on average, using their email inbox, according to McKinsey & Company. It’s easy to forget about things as simple and mundane as your e-signature. Let’s be real, though: You judge the people who sign off their email in all lowercase, or the people who have comic sans colored font, or a ton of text and html that doesn’t even load on mobile. How can you not? Your e-signature is just as important to your brand as the content in your email, your networking, and your professional relationships. Your e-signature can be a really strong marketing tactic. Let me tell you why.

It’s a chance to get people to connect with you

By including a tasteful picture, some well done graphics (small, email-appropriate ones), and some social links, you’re inviting the person you’re emailing to not only get to know you, but to connect with you further. Your e-signature can invite the relationship to go to the next step. I use WiseStamp, a free Google Chrome extension to design my e-signature for me. WiseStamp puts your images and graphics in all the right places, at all the right sizes, while ensuring it’s all mobile friendly. It’s super easy to use and I’m in love with it.

You can include a call to action

Marketing is all about properly timed calls to action. In my email, I stick to something email related, which is to ask people to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. I use my newsletter as a way to promote articles that I’ve written, tips & tricks, and other resources as a way of content marketing for my business. It’s a gentle, non-pushy suggestion, which is perfect for an e-signature CTA. According to Ascend2, 76% of marketers report seeing an active growth in their number of email subscribers. Mix that statistic with the earlier fact about the amount of time people spend on their email, and you’ve got yourself a strong case for including your newsletter as a CTA on your e-signature. You want eyes on your content, and educating every person you talk to about what you offer is a surefire way to gain more clients or customers.

Design done right

​A well-designed e-signature that hits all of the proper aesthetics will add to your professionalism and will ensure people perceive you as legit. Just like the difference between a half-filled in LinkedIn profile with no picture, and a professional headshot on top of completely filled out profile, your e-signature design can make or break you. Make sure you use the space properly, with the correct information in the right spots. Name goes on top, followed by contact information, followed by social links and a CTA. WiseStamp will do the hard work for you! Don’t use funky fonts or crazy colors. Keep it simple. Less is more on a cluttered screen full of text. You want to draw people’s eyes to your signature, and white space will make sure it looks clean and professional. And please, don’t add a quote (unless maybe you’re a life coach). Your personal brand starts when someone clicks on your email. You can nail the subject and the body, but if they scroll down to a bare bones or crazy e-signature, you’ve lost your hook. Don’t overlook the small details – every chance is a chance to market to someone!

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