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3 FREE, Secret Facebook Page Hacks to Get More Traffic

Using Facebook for your business is one of the smartest things you can do to drive engagement, leads, and get your brand known. There are so many ways to use Facebook pages to your advantage, it’s important to know all of the little tips and tricks.

Facebook pages are one of my absolute favorite social tools to use and I recently discovered some “secret” hacks that I wanted to share.

1. Targeted page invitations

Being top of mind to people who engage with your page is so crucial to your success. One way I do this is by sending targeted Facebook like invitations. I noticed this little trick when I was on my Facebook page, Creative Solutions, as an admin and clicked to see who liked a post on my page. I noticed that I could invite them to like my page right from there. How cool is that? Here’s how: Step 1 – Go to your Facebook page Step 2 – Click on names that have “liked” your post Step 3 – Click on “invite” to invite them to like your page. You can also “like” other pages that have liked you already, which is super convenient.


​Note: This only works on the Pages app or on your browser when logged onto Facebook. I haven’t been able to access the same feature on the Facebook mobile app. 2. Strategic Partners - Like a page as your page Another smart thing to do is create strategic partnerships by liking other pages as your page. Interacting as your company, rather than as an individual, can really get your paged noticed. How to: Step 1 – Go to the page you want to like Step 2 – Click on the “more” dropdown menu and then click “Like As Your Page”. Voila, all done. They’ll now get a notification that your page liked theirs, and maybe they will follow you back!

This is also a double win, because when you like a page as your page, it creates a narrow, targeted timeline of only those pages you liked so you can see the pages you like getting articles from, sharing, and interacting with. Similar to Twitter lists, this feature is a great way to stay organized and separate important lists from all the other stuff on Facebook. How to: Go to your page, scroll down and on the right-hand side click “Liked By This Page” to see all the pages and articles you like as your page to easily share and interact with your list.

Note: You can also “like” posts as your page. When you’re on someone else’s timeline or page, you can see your logo in the bottom right hand side. Easily switch between pages to like or comment as your page, as yourself, or as any page you manage. This feature makes it so easy to engage.

Another boss tip: Comment “thanks for sharing our post!” as your page and feel free to message each person to invite them to your page, or engage with them on a topic that seems to have interested them. 3. Customize your apps section You can have links to anything – Twitter, Facebook, your webpage – right on your Facebook page using Woobox. This app allows you to stick links on your Facebook page that users can click on and never even leave Facebook. Not only that, but you can change the icons and customize them to match your branding. Bonus: It’s all completely free. You can also do contests through Woobox and completely brand it. This customization feature gives you more clout as a strong business because it’s fully branded, making you look professional and uniformed. Plus, you don’t have to get people to leave the platform to see your other accounts.

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