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NEW FEATURE: How to Use Your Instagram Nametag

Who remembers QR codes? Well Instagram has just made it insanely easy to share your profile with others as well as follow other users’ profiles. The new feature called “nametag” creates basically an Instagram version of a QR code, and with the in-app scanner anyone can scan your nametag and follow or view your profile with one tap.

Here’s how:

  • To find YOUR scannable Instagram nametag:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone

  • Go to search

  • Click the dotted box in the top right corner

  • Click “Go to your nametag” on the bottom of the screen

You can change the background by clicking on the option at the top of your nametag screen. When you get to the color you can change the color by tapping the screen. If you get the emoji option, click on the word and a list of emojis will pop and so you can choose which one you like. There is also a selfie option so tap that to see more options as well.

Show this screen to someone in person for them to scan, or hit screenshot on your phone to save and share online This is your personal nametag, and people can scan this on the spot or you can use it online. This will give people instant access to your profile without needing to click a link or search for your Instagram username. They can simply scan your code, hit follow and check out your profile!

To scan someone else’s nametag:

  • Go to the same spot and the default of 'scan' pops up

  • Scan their QR code and hit “Follow” or “View Profile” or both

  • If someone posts theirs on...let's say a Facebook post, you can use your phone to scan your computer screen as well

Gone are the days where you have to stand there awkwardly as people spell out their sometimes quirky or complicated usernames! No longer do you have to ask if they meant “b” or “d” because now you can quickly scan each other’s nametags and follow them with one tap or view their profile.

The nametag feature is also great, because you can use it on your Twitter feed, on your website, in your email signature, and even on Facebook. Basically, you can post it anywhere you can have a photo and encourage people to follow you or your business. It’s probably only a matter of time where people will have Instagram nametags on actual nametags at conferences too. You can even put them on your business card! The options are endless.

And here is a video of how to do all of this!

Here's ours! Scan and follow ;)

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