Instagram Hack That Creates Lists Like Twitter

Community management is all about engagement, meaning regularly commenting, liking, or reposting your followers posts and stories in order to build a strong brand. The more often you interact with your followers and people you want to follow you, the more engagement you will start to see on your feed. Engagement breeds engagement – and you have to give, to get.

By streamlining much of your community management process, you can be more effective with how much time you spend interacting with your audience. By using lists on Twitter and Collections on Instagram, you can carve out 30 minutes a day to quickly skim your lists and interact with the ones you really want to keep top of mind.

One of the best things about Twitter is that you have the ability to create Twitter lists of your favorite people or specific people you wish to engage with on a regular basis, such as Strategic Partners, Clients, your Tribe, etc.

Once you have created these Twitter lists, you would simply click on this list, retweet, like or comment on their posts. It’s that simple. So far, no other platform allows you to do the same thing with the ease of Twitter lists, but we at Creative Solutions think we just found a hack to duplicate this process on Instagram! It’s not 100% the same put it’s a hack that we are super proud to have thought of.

Engaging people on Instagram is integral to growing and developing your brand, and it’s important to find a way to interact with your audience daily, if not weekly. With this hack, you now can quickly find those lists of favorite people and quickly share their posts on your stories or if you have a repost app, on your timeline. You can at least start with linking and commenting on their posts. This is the best way to keep top of mind and build stronger relationships.

Here’s our idea on how to create a “list” on Instagram:

1. Find someone that you would want to add to your ‘list’. Save one of their posts to a Collection

Click the banner icon on the bottom right of the post (next to the heart, comment, and send icon) on the post. That will pop up a “Save to Collection” box. Click that, and hit the + sign to create a new collection or save the post to a current one.

2. Name that collection: My peeps / Industry folks / Top followers / Strategic partners / Etc.

Enter in a name for that collection that will remind you what this list of people are for, and how you want to interact with them.

3. Once a day or week click on that collection and interact with each persons latest post and/or story

To see your Collections, go to your profile and hit the three line box (the hamburger) on the top right. Click the banner icon that says “Saved” beside it. There, you can quickly click the posts that will take you to the profiles of the people you want to engage with, so you can see their latest post or story and interact with it.

People won’t be notified once you’ve save their post to a collection, so save away!

This is an easy way to keep a group of people all in one spot, instead of using an excel spreadsheet or tediously entering in all of their usernames one at a time to connect and engage with them on Instagram. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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