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Social Media Solutions

Be Seen. Be Found. Be Heard!

We Know Social Media! 
We Plan it For You, Do It For You or Train You!

Align your marketing with your potential customers and giving your business the online voice it deserves.


Imagine having a powerful presence on major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business page, Twitter and LinkedIn without all the work of creating content, coming up with hashtags and strategizing to grow your audience. That’s what WE do!


We are content and engagement specialist and are ready to build meaningful connections with your target customers. We take social media off your daily “to-do” list so you can focus on doing what you do best!




Founder + Strategist  

Oversees all aspects of the business and helps with social media strategy, goals and planning. Once Hollie sees the vision of your social media plan, she works with Alma to finalize your plan for her and the team to implement. You're in good hands!

Daynna - Creative Solutions


Social Media Manager

Daynna is obsessed with all things social media. Through working with her dedicated clients, she puts herself in their shoes to figure out every possible way to help market them for more visibility.

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Social Media Manager

Anu is a writer by profession and passion. She loves reading, photography, sunsets, and watching true-crime/mystery movies/TV shows/documentaries (basically anything true-crime/mystery related!)



Social Media Manager

Samantha is a whiz at creating the perfect brand graphics. Her unique approach to Instagram stories has been fantastic for her clients and their online presence.



Social Media Manager

With over 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Eddie brings a diverse background in technical and content writing with a strong background in Graphic Design and Multi-Media technologies. 



Social Media Manager

Steph is an internet enthusiast. With her extensive customer service background she makes sure to put the client first. She approaches each client with genuine interest and works to bring those plans to fruition. 

Social Media Done Differently!

It's called Humanizing Your Brand Online

Have you ever heard the saying “Post on social and they will come”? Well, this is not the case. What you need to do is proactively engage with people to be seen and understood. You are at a networking event, you throw a stack of business cards in the air with great keywords on them. Does anyone come running to pick them up and discover you? Nope. Networking works better when you approach people and start a conversation. That’s what we use social media for; To be a human. 

What sets Creative Solutions apart from the others is our organic social media service (also called community management or engagement specialists). This is where we search for your target market on social media platforms, monitor your accounts daily, and send proactive direct messages to your potential customers.


The idea of this is to show that there are actually people behind the business. Community management is your proactive, online customer services and brand amplifier. We get more eyeballs on your accounts, build more organic awareness and humanize the brand!

Platforms that we manage: Facebook business pages, Instagram business pages, Local Google Business Profile, Twitter, LinkedIn personal pages, and LinkedIn Business pages.

Other Popular Social Programs


Ambassador/Influencer Outreach Program

This program is suitable for businesses that are selling products and are looking for online influencers that have larger a following to help spread the word to their followers about your products. 2 - 3 month program


  • Create a program with terms and conditions and expected outcomes

  • Search for and create a list of targeted Ambassadors/Influencers

  • Reach out to them through your Instagram account 'pitching' them what the program will entail and what is expected 

  • Monitor responses through Instagram and all communications with them

  • Maintain a tracking spreadsheet

  • Repost their stories and images on your Instagram account

  • Monthly outcome reporting

Social Media

Workshops + Training

Not ready to hand over your social media platforms and want to try our proven system out for yourself first? 


Our expert team at Creative Solutions will show you the ropes. We offer in-depth training and workshops for individuals or groups, where we’ll go over your needs with each social media platform from the basics all the way to expert level. You will go through the same training as our very own social media managers do. You will learn the tips and tricks for using each platform to its fullest potential. On-site if within the GTA and virtually Worldwide. Start using social media to its fullest potential and learn how to maximize your efforts. 

Platforms we cover: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business Page.


  • LinkedIn personal account management

  • LinkedIn stories creation and posting

  • Additional client meetings 

  • Reels creation and posting

  • Setting up Facebook or Instagram shops

  • Maintaining & updating Facebook or Instagram shops

  • Set up fee when setting up new on social media platforms

  • Influencer marketing

  • Setting up and running contests

Typing on Computer

Extras When Requested



Graphic Design

Blog Writing

Let's chat to see what's right for you



Newmarket, ON

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