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Service Design

Strategic Planning . User Insights . Action Plan

Strategy and Service Design is at the heart of everything we do. All of our services are strategically focused and human-centered. It’s all about the human-to-human (H2H) approach! 


Marketing Direction Based on Consumer Behavior

You want to invest in marketing but aren’t convinced where to start to make an impactful, realistic plan. 

We help you truly understand your customer journey, and what pain points your company solves.


Brand Identity Development with a Human-centric Approach


You are launching a new business, a new arm of your business, a new name, or simply need a brand facelift. 

We will co-develop your brand story to connect your offering with the right audience through user insights.


Business Alignment through scalability and functionality

You are at the point where you want to re-assess department structure to scale, grow or optimize your business for efficiencies. 

We perform a detailed analysis of your operations to identify bottlenecks and use of resources. 

Example of our Process (eg. Branding)

Part One

Current State

Snapshot of your target market and business canvas

Part Two

Part Three

Solutions Discovery

Research user behaviours and experience

Evolve From Insights

Improve customer journey map and define buyer personas

Part Four

Implementation Plan

Execute on brand identity blueprint and journey guidelines


See our latest case study for a law firm that contacted us for a new identity, logo and business name.



Newmarket, ON

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