Strategic Consulting

Service Design . User Experience . Action Plan

Take the guesswork out of your business

A full business analysis that gives you a competitive advantage


Every business needs to stay current and focused. Sometimes the best way to make this happen is to bring in a consultant who is unbiased with the sole goal to improve your focus and recommend solutions. 

Our Strategy Sessions are tailored to your unique business model. We extract deep insights by gathering input from integral stakeholders such as staff, clients and company leaders. We look closely at your goals, structure, sales and marketing and internal processes among other aspects of your business, as well as the goals of your target market. 

With your input we co-create a business strategy that will result in smarter decisions and better results. 

Our strategy sessions are collaborative and open: everyone gets a say.

In some cases, it is the first time stakeholders come together to discuss the structure of the business and include their experiences, which has tremendous value.

Perhaps the most important result of a Strategy Session is a fresh focus and realignment to the goals of your current and potential customers. They are the reason you’re in business, after all!

Finding out what is working and addressing what needs improvements goes a long way in realizing long-term business success. Together, we will come up with a plan to help you serve your customers better and achieve success with a business strategy that works.


  1. Brand/Front focused - 4 hour in-person session + document plan deliverable

  2. Operations focused - 8 hour in-person session + document plan deliverable. This can be broken up into 2 x 4 hour sessions 

Add-on option, we also offer an in-depth Online Competitor Analysis for up to 5 of your competitors. This is a document outlining the following items: 

  • Audit your Online and Social Media Presence

  • Competitor Social Media Analysis and how you compare

  • Top Take A Ways and Suggestions

  • Competitor Website Analysis

  • Competitor Online Advertising efforts


See our latest case study for a law firm that contacted us for a new identity, logo and business name.



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