Struggles of Running a Business and How to Overcome Them

Struggles of Running a Business

When you are a business owner, everyone likely looks at you with envy and says, “Man, you’re lucky!” However, being self-employed, you know that it’s not just luck: It’s also hard work. Yes, it is an accomplishment that you should be proud of! But there are also struggles of running a business that you have […]

Slow Website? Solve Your Site’s Worst Nightmare in 5 Steps

slow website

Something that’s incredibly important to know, but even more incredibly easy to not think about, is your site speed. How fast does your site load? Have you ever checked if you have fast or slow website speed? Don’t worry – most people don’t know! If it’s loading too slow, and by too slow I mean […]

How to Build Strategic Partnerships Online and Offline

strategic partnerships

Building a brand takes work and strategy. Often times, entrepreneurs or small businesses want a way to really increase brand presence and exposure and find organic avenues to find new customers. Building strategic partnerships is one way to do all of this and it’s something you should definitely have on your to do list! A […]

Asking For Feedback Can Help Your Business Grow

Asking For Feedback

Can you handle the truth when you’re asking for feedback about your business? As an entrepreneur or someone who’s their own boss, it can be easy to fall into a hole where you have no idea if you’re doing well or doing poorly. Asking for honest feedback can seem daunting. First, are you ready to […]