Do you use Twitter lists? They’re amazing for business!

Twitter lists

​Twitter can be so much more than status updates, retweets, and trying to get as many ‘@mentions’ as possible. There’s one Twitter feature that businesses do not take advantage of, and that’s Twitter Lists. Twitter Lists are a powerful tool that, when used properly, can really work to your advantage. They can grow your following, […]

The 3 Es of Social Media Posts to Retain Your Audience

Social media posts

Social media 101: 80% of your content should attract and keep your audience engaged. To retain their attention, stop making all your content with the intention to sell! Be useful! Give your audience something that they need like entertaining, educational, and engaging content. These are the three Es that you should apply on your social […]

Social Media Engagement: Apply the Party Principle!

Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing gets easier all the time. After creating your content, it only takes a few clicks to publish and share it to the dozens of popular social media platforms, each with thousands of eyes eagerly awaiting the next eye-catching post. Yet sometimes, even your best work seems to get lost in the busy […]