Engage With Your LinkedIn Connections Effectively With These Tips

Engage With Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn isn’t as huge as Facebook, but it has become the social media for professionals. Log in on LinkedIn, start networking with your friends, and you will see their career milestones on your feed. Many people also use the platform to promote their personal brand and find job opportunities. With about a billion members worldwide, LinkedIn […]

Rethink Your Communication Style to Form Stronger Relationships

Communication Style

Communication is so ingrained in our day-to-day that we often don’t even think about our communication style. Unless you’re asking for regular feedback, chances are you may never notice if your communication style is lacking. If it’s something you haven’t given much thought to, you should definitely start thinking about! Communication skills may be the […]

Google Business Profile And Its Benefits to Small Businesses

Google Business Profile

In this day and age, launching an online presence for your business is easier said than done. It’s not as simple as creating and posting stuff. You also need to convert your viewers into leads. Luckily, there are tools like the Google Business Profile that can make your business stand out online. What are the […]

Finding Work-Life Balance: It’s Okay To Not Be A Workaholic!

Work-Life Balance

Get up. Get dressed. Go to work. Skip lunch. Stay late at work. Pull your hair out as you combat rush hour traffic. Get home to see your partner and kids for about 10 minutes before they go to bed. Work remotely. Check your phone every 3 minutes. Go to bed way too late to […]

Structure Is Sexy: 4 Ways To Be More Productive

Be more productive

Let’s be real – gone are the days where it’s cute to show up flustered, late, and unprepared (wait, was that ever cute?). Having your shit together is important, and it will help you excel in both your personal and professional life. With technology in our hands constantly, you’d be crazy not to leverage it […]

Discover Digital Marketing: An Interview Series with Hollie Hoadley

Digital Marketing

This “Discover Digital Marketing Interview Series featuring Hollie Hoadley” was originally a guest-post on August 19th, 2016 by Kristi Allen. “When I first created my New Year’s resolution to focus more on my personal health and yes, lose weight, I didn’t realize then that not only would I achieve a 30-pound weight loss, I would […]

Cloud Storage: What’s Good, Bad and Ugly for Your Data

cloud storage

While clouds remind you of the sky, storing your data up above may be the silliest idea you’ve ever heard. Don’t worry – I’m going to clear up a few things for you! The cloud refers to a network of remote servers that each play a different role. And using the cloud storage actually spells […]

Get Ahead of Tax Season by Starting Now

tax season

As year-end slowly creeps up, people start hiding from the cooler weather. Business slows… and so now is the perfect time to get your company ready for tax season! It’s not the sexiest subject, but tax season is a hard reality for all business owners. ​ Tax season doesn’t have to be so bad if […]

Branding Checkup: Now is the Best Time

branding checkup

We drill down into analytics, re-read service agreements, tailor and tweak our goals. But we, many companies and entrepreneurs alike, do not spend much time on branding checkup. Sometimes we never think about it ever again. Are you guilty of this, too? From personal to company branding, it’s important to evaluate your public image once […]

Customer Reviews Are Your Friend

customer reviews

Customer reviews: We all love to read ‘em and write ‘em, but we’re all terrified to ask for them. The unpredictable declarations from our customers can make or break a company. These little things can carry big weight. According to a consumer study by BrightLocal, 92% of consumers report they read online reviews, with 88% […]