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User Experience - The Thing You Should Do Before You Build or Change a Website

Growth Driven and Human-Centered Website Design

Your customers have found you on the web! That’s awesome - but, are they sticking around to find what they need?


Think about a time that you made a purchase online. Did you end your transaction and say, “Wow, that was so easy!” Well, that reaction did not come about by accident!


Web design isn’t just about tossing a bunch of words and pretty pictures out there into the ether - what your customers crave is a memorable experience, and what you need as a business owner is strategic user experience design: intentionally presenting your product or service with an actionable outcome in mind.


Our super talented User Experience Designers put themselves in the shoes of your clients and customers and literally draw out a roadmap illustrating the flow of their time spent on your site, with your main goal as their finish line. This map is then integrated into the back end of your website, and through calculated UX design, your customers will be able to easily navigate through your website from the home page to purchase.

The UX designers here at Creative Solutions love what they do and, therefore, love what you do! They will customize the flow of your website based on current trends, expertise, and visually appealing front-end design, but ultimately focusing on your business goals!

Our Process

Goal Sheet

Detailed document explaining the challenge and the solution used for this project or product. This document will be used as a master document of the company's goal for all team members and stakeholders to use when creating or developing the product.


A relatable snapshot of the target audience that highlights demographics, behaviors, needs and motivations through the creation of a fictional character. Personas make it easier for designers to create empathy with consumers throughout the design process.

Information Architecture

Involves more than just the organization of a website content; it also factors in user experience. Making sure that the content is organized and located in the right spots.


Site Map

One of the most iconic IA (Information Architecture) deliverables, consists of a diagram of the website's pages organized hierarchically. It makes it easy to visualize the basic structure and navigation of a website.

User Flows

A visual representation of the user's flow to complete tasks within the product. It's the user perspective of the site organization, making it easier to identify which steps could be improved or redesigned.


Wire Frame

A non-graphical layout of the proposed web page. The website wireframe connects the underlying conceptual structure, or information architecture, to the surface, or visual design of the website. An iterative process, creating wireframes is an effective way to make rapid prototypes of pages, while measuring the practicality of a design concept.

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